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2022 Q1 REPORT

Portfolio & KPIs

We currently invested in 11 startups and have $1.5M USD of our $6M USD fund raised:

We’re hoping to achieve our $6M USD goal next June. We’ve heard more than 60 investment pitches from which we decided to invest $275k USD in these selected startups:

Team Update

We’re growing! Gabriela Pino, PhD has joined as Head of Operations. She has expertise in innovation projects and ecosystems. Next, you can meet the crew running thefund:

What’s next

We are currently fundraising and would love your support in meeting more investors.

Soon, we’ll announce a face-to-face event where we can meet each other personally and hang out with the entrepreneurs participating in the fund.

Let’s keep building together blue zones in Latin America.

Best regards, see you soon.

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